The Dynamic Balance Foundation Five: Knee Rock Back

This is the first of The Dynamic Balance Foundation Five movements that will give you a traditional “burn” the first time you try it. Unlike the many big, swinging, knee-to-chest type movements, this one utilizes a short range of motion and is done very slowly; it is the hold that gets you on this one! It’s not shown in the video, but if for some reason this is too hard, try doing it with only one leg. It’s not about how big you do it; it is about how cleanly and smoothly you do it. As always, and especially in this exercise, be aware of pinching and binding sensations. Pinching and binding in the low back on this one is an indicator to see a Qualified Medical Examiner; they’re the ones who can order pictures… and get an opinion.

Caution: These exercises are as safe and simple as they come. If you experience acute pain while performing them, or afterwards, please contact a qualified medical examiner as this may indicate underlying issues.

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