The Dynamic Balance Foundation Five: Crunch

In this video we present The Dynamic Balance Crunch, one of The Foundation Five.

This is a very strict interpretation of an old classic, which emphasizes attaining perfect alignment and form before moving into more rigorous movements. It is the second exercise of the Foundation Five Series.

In the first exercise, Pelvic Tilt, one is introduced to the basics of pelvic control, and in Crunch, one must master neutral neck and shoulders before beginning the primary movement.

This exercise is integral to the F5’s ability to overcome back pain and other chronic ailments. Done as directed, it helps to restore the functional relationship between the abdominals and deep hip flexors as it pertains to pelvic control.

Caution: These exercises are as safe and simple as they come. If you experience acute pain while performing them, or afterwards, please contact a qualified medical examiner as this may indicate underlying issues.

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