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A Simple Program for Complicated Times. Show 01. 3.25.20

On this first episode, we share four movements that can help anyone pursue their wellness needs: DB Pelvic Tilt, DB Butterflies, DB Knee-to-Chest, and DB Sit Squat. Many of these exercises may be familiar but, rest assured, there are subtle differences to the Dynamic Balance versions. We also take a moment to talk with Michael on how the Dynamic Balance Basic 21 motions enhance yoga, boxing and any athletic pursuit. We hope you're all...

DB Methods and Practices, Kinetic Hygiene, Standing 7

Tip for next weeks Telebilitation Routine

The goal of a typical lunge is to strengthen quads, hamstrings, glutes in an athletic or aesthetic context. The goal of a DB Lunge is to build a stronger foundation and improve kinetic hygiene. Pay extra attention to these two first instructions to prepare for our next Telebilitation show next Wednesday. Practice alignment, check yourself in the mirror. Set your base (if you don’t start right you’ll finish wrong). Engage Pelvic Tilt &...

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