Fitness Meets Physical Care

In our San Francisco studio, we help injured and physically challenged people to heal, renew, and discover higher physical capacity using methods of training developed over 20 years of private practice.

This site was created to share that knowledge. We seek to build an educational resource for all those who face physical challenges: folks who wish to build better fitness habits, athletes looking for an edge, and those of us who face injury or serious trauma.

What is TPC?

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Doing the Foundation Five well is the most concise way we know to maintain your body over time and resist life’s insults large and small. In the context of your own home, at 20 – 30 minutes per day, you will improve your physical capacity regardless of ability level.


Suffering from Sciatica?


FoundHealth sat down for an interview with Mark St. Peter, Therapeutic Physical Care Expert. As an expert on treating sciatica, we asked him about treatment options – from alternative approaches like acupuncture, to a discussion on surgery.

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Read personal stories from those who have worked
to overcome physical challenges and build better
fitness habits using Therapeutic Physical Care.

Overall there has been a constant improvement in what I am able to do and how I’m able to enjoy life and be more pain free. “

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The gift Dynamic Balance has given me has been a great physical awareness.”

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I’m 60 and still competing in the pro category with folks half my age, which is amazing considering where I was. “

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