The Dynamic Balance Foundation Five: Pelvic Tilt

Watch this video to learn the seemingly simple Dynamic Balance Pelvic Tilt, which will present surprising challenges.

Even those able to immediately connect to the movement will need to work to perform it artfully for twenty-five reps.

It introduces the focus and pace required to benefit from The Foundation Five.

It also introduces to breathing, connecting it to the phases of movement. This exercise is nothing less than the entry point to reprogramming your whole carriage.

It is where we begin to bring muscles that are primarily under sub-cortical control, that is, muscular control dictated by lower brain centers within the spinal loop, or local proprioception, into conscious awareness.

All of these muscles also have a cortical channel of activation which goes largely ignored.

This cortical channel is available for your awareness to observe and become familiar with, and thus begin to override and reprogram, the errant sub-conscious program.

Once activated, it can be a powerful ally in correcting movement flaws and the associated pain.

Caution: These exercises are as safe and simple as they come. If you experience acute pain while performing them, or afterwards, please contact a qualified medical examiner as this may indicate underlying issues.

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