Hip Pain Melts Away As You Relax Into This Stretch

Figure Four Stretch releases hip and low back tension when deepened for a 2 minute hold. Here we show you 3 different positions to cater to you and limitations that you may have. Which one suits you? 

SEATED: Your hip must be loose enough to cross your legs like so. If you have difficulty sitting erect without back support, we do not recommend this position. (We’re looking at you sciatica sufferers and low back pain populations!)

SUPINE: Your upper body must be strong enough (shoulders, elbows, wrists) to hold your knee close to your chest for 2 min. If you have an injury in any of these areas, we do not recommend starting here.

PRONE: You must have decent hip mobility, limited mobility will not allow this stretch to be effective.

If you feel any pain or discomfort in a secondary problem area (not in the the hip stretch sensation) STOP and do some butterflies and bicycles or knee pumps.  Walk around and then attempt another position.

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