Sciatica Symptoms

Do these symptoms sound familiar to you?

Sciatic symptoms can manifest in various ways for different individuals, yet fear and helplessness tend to be common feelings among sufferers.
Nerve pain is relentlessly unique and you’ll only understand if you’ve experienced it yourself.

Generally, relief appears after you’ve been given the time and space to spill your story to an attentive listener. Just the simple act of finding the words to describe your symptoms and experiences can be cathartic.

As a professional in this field we place great weight on offering the time and space to unload. During a consultation we ask questions that unearth thoughts and conclusions for clients who live with chronic pain.

Understand that sciatica is a condition that requires a PERSONAL commitment to overcome. Passive interventions (bodywork, acupuncture, medication, ultrasound, electric stimulation, spiritual cleansings, hypnotherapy, injections or surgery) will not allow you to completely regain function. They may offer temporary relief but, in order to maintain long-term relief, one must actively train. Are you ready to actively heal?

Start with Pelvic Tilt and the Foundation Five series. Explore our instructional videos, we have different humans learning how to so you can connect with the naivete.

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