F5: Changing How You Think About Exercise

plankface2Hi, Mark here, today we are going to talk a little more about Foundation Five strength exercises that have an enormous potential to change your life, at the very least improving its quality.

The Foundation Five (F5) consists of five basic exercises that are essential to all physical training and contribute tremendously to general well-being. These exercises are ancient but rarely done to their full benefit . They are known as: Pelvic Tilt, Crunch, Knee Rock Back, Side Double Leg Raise, and Plank.  They build strength which maintains the body’s structure against domesticating influences. Foundation strength is concerned with core intelligence: the ability to attain and maintain mechanically accurate primal movement patterns, first in isolation with simple movements, then in combination with increasing complexity and intensity, until finally they become part of your daily life.







The F5 exercises will retrain your stabilizing (pelvic floor) and cervico thoracic musculature to regain and maintain the mechanically beneficial primal reflex pattern.

With these exercises as part of your daily life you can successfully:

  • Make postural corrections
  • Regain/maintain kinetic balance
  • Help eliminate pain
  • Protect against future injuries

The ultimate goal of the Foundation Five is to create functional precision and improve kinetic “hygiene” at the habitual level within the world’s population. While most of us embrace a traditional image of fitness – a lean, well-muscled, flexible body – and would like to embody that image, many make repeated efforts toward this goal only to be derailed by musculo-skeletal pain. Long term mastery of the corrective F5 exercises results in less wear and tear in your personal pursuit of improved body aesthetics and physical performance via any type of training associated with popular traditional fitness and athletic training.

The F5 exercises are the entry point. The foundation series represent a family of five progressively more challenging and rewarding exercise progressions that incorporate upper and lower body strength and accuracy of movement. You can customize the F5 protocols to best suit your fitness level and goals.

Please spend some time with our learning materials and videos, then join the discussion in September when we open our live web forums.

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