Foundation Five

Knee Rock Back

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Set Your Base

  • Lie flat on your back on the supporting surface.
  • Bend your knees, lifting your feet up off the floor.
  • Squeeze knees together tightly, while keeping lower legs and feet relaxed.
  • Chin to throat: Without lifting your head, press your chin down to your throat firmly, flattening your neck toward the supporting surface, (if done correctly this creates a bit of a choking sensation) and then release 30%.
  • Arms should be relaxed and held above the waist or across the tummy, so as not to contribute to the movement.
  • Engage pelvic tilt.


Performing the Exercise

  • Keeping in mind a slow three count motion, slowly curl your tail bone off the supporting surface, drawing your knees toward your chest.
  • Slow three count hold.
  • Slow three count release.
  • EXhalation should occur throughout the entire EXertion phase (three count lift and three count hold) with inhalation occurring upon release.


Important Point

To help with your breath pattern, in this exercise imagine your body is an old-fashioned bellows that you would pump to fan a fire. When your knees rock toward your chest you are closing the bellows and expelling air. As you release the movement you are expanding the bellows and thus drawing air in.



This exercise more than all the other F5 exercises utilizes a very short, tight motion that never really relaxes or is released. You should always be maintaining tension and grip, even in the lowered position.

Counting Companion Video: