Foundation Five

Side Double Leg Raise

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Set Your Base

  • Lie flat on your left side on the supporting surface.
  • Place your left arm underneath your head to provide support, in a manner that allows the spine to remain parallel to the floor.
  • Chin to throat: press your chin to your throat firmly, elongating the back of your neck (if done correctly this creates a bit of a choking sensation) and then release 30%.
  • The right arm should be bent with the hand resting lightly at your waist.
  • Your entire body should be in a straight line from the top of the head through the center of the shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle.
  • Legs are pressed together, feet are flexed with soles perpendicular to the line of your body.
  • Find the wobbly, unbalanced spot on your hip, but don’t let yourself roll forward or backward from this spot, “lock into” this position.
  • Keeping all this intact, engage pelvic tilt.


Performing the Exercise

  • With the base intact, grip firmly and slowly, in three counts, raise both legs.
  • Slow three count hold.
  • Release with a slow, controlled three count.
  • Your right hand should feel the muscles at the waist contracting.
  • Only lift as high as you can while staying on your “wobbly spot”.
  • Complete repetitions until fatigued, then roll over and repeat the exercise on your right side.


Important Point

For many, Side Double Leg Raise presents the greatest challenge to establish “base”, because this elusive “wobbly spot” is difficult to find and even harder to maintain while also keeping chin to throat and pelvic tilt in place. In fact, finding and maintaining the wobbly spot is, for many, a significant challenge in and of itself.


Build a checklist in your mind and automate it.
For this exercise:

  1. Chin to throat
  2. Pelvic tilt
  3. Wobbly spot
  4. Flex feet
  5. Engage lift

Counting Companion Video: