Foundation Five


Set Your Base

  • Lie flat on your stomach on the supporting surface.
  • Hands lie flat, resting lightly next to shoulders, elbows up and pressed in towards the body.
  • Chin to throat: in the prone position, the orientation of the face to the supporting surface determines the accuracy of chin to throat. The tip of the nose should be in light contact with, and the chin and forehead equidistant from, the supporting surface.
  • Legs are squeezed together and fixed in full extension.
  • Press thighs down into the supporting surface, while keeping lower legs relaxed.


Performing the Exercise

  • Engage pelvic tilt. When done correctly, this will draw your navel up off the floor, lessening and neutralizing the arch in your back.
  • While exhaling, begin slow three count tilt.
  • While continuing to exhale, slow three count hold.
  • Beginning to inhale, initiate a slow three count release.


Important Point

One of the more difficult aspects of this movement is squeezing the thighs together and downwards into the supporting surface, while concurrently leaving the lower legs in a relaxed, neutral state. Mastering this aspect is important as it addresses an aberrant fixation in the kinetic chain.


This motion is very subtle and requires coordination more than strength. If you are finding the motion very difficult, it is likely you are carrying a great deal of muscular tension into the exercise. Take a deep breath, feel your body weight settle with gravity, and begin again.

Counting Companion Video: