The DB Show #01: A Simple Program for Complicated Times. 3.25.20

Our first episode!!! Here, we share four movements that can help anyone pursue their wellness needs!

  1. Dynamic Balance: Pelvic Tilt,
  2. Dynamic Balance: Butterflies,
  3. Dynamic Balance: Knee-to-Chest
  4. Dynamic Balance: Sit Squat.

Many of these exercises may be familiar, but, rest assured, there are subtle, and insightful differences we present here by The Principles of Dynamic Balance.

We also take a moment to talk with Michael on how the Dynamic Balance Basic 21 motions – enhance yoga, boxing, and any other athletic pursuit!

We hope you’re all staying healthy and happy amidst the quarantine. Please subscribe, like, and join us every Wednesday at noon! We’d love to have you!

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