Motivation… what day is it again?

What kind of movements have been helpful to you during this time? I find myself cleaning and organizing once the caffeine kicks in. All sorts of movements can be therapeutic during this time, it doesn’t have to be big or make you sweat. The city noise has lessened and I’m […]

Fitness Friday

Looks like a squat, but it feels like a whole lot more than that! . . The DB Sit Squat starts smaller, goes slower and holds longer to affect #FoundationStrength. #SitSquat is all about foundation control, find the edge and hang on for dear life! . . If you feel […]

Video: Foundation Five – Pelvic Tilt

Caution: These exercises are as safe and simple as they come. If you experience acute pain while performing them, or afterwards, please contact a qualified medical examiner as this may indicate underlying issues.