Fitness Friday

Looks like a squat, but it feels like a whole lot more than that! . . The DB Sit Squat starts smaller, goes slower and holds longer to affect #FoundationStrength. #SitSquat is all about foundation control, find the edge and hang on for dear life! . . If you feel like...

Sunday Funday

Why does Mark look like he’s about to drop the hottest hip-hop album of 2019? ???? #BehindTheScenes with our online instructional sessions powered by Wirecast and Zoom!

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When doing a lunge, make sure your knee is at a 90 degree angle and your knee is right above your heel.

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Visit our website for instructional videos for stretches that will help you loosen your hip flexors and aid you in achieving the splits!

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Coming soon! Progress reports on our subject here, learn about how he has overcome a shoulder and knee injury