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Build! is a class that breaks from traditional choreographed sessions where everyone follows the same instruction. In this class everyone has their own custom program that will evolve with you, as needed, under the direct supervision of trained instructors who know your needs, goals, concerns and are committed to your cause.

We call what we do TPC or Therapeutic Physical Care. It is a service focused on those who have physical pains and conditions that require commitment and the long term pursuit that is not possible in the medical model. We pick up where medicine leaves off. We go deeper and we care more.

We start where all physical endeavors must – building a solid foundation. First we have to understand our psychephysical maladaptations that we all develop through a lifetime. We  become aware of them, work to reprogram them and clean up our kinetic patterns. We call this kinetic hygiene(tm).

If you are broken down and need help getting strong again, have postural concerns, or see your athletic best Dynamic Balance Foundation Training is the place to start. Build! Is where you can where can begin this process economically under the guidance and attention you deserve.

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