Fitness Friday

Looks like a squat, but it feels like a whole lot more than that! . . The DB Sit Squat starts smaller, goes slower and holds longer to affect #FoundationStrength. #SitSquat is all about foundation control, find the edge and hang on for dear life! . . If you feel like...

Wednesday Workout

*once again for the folks in the back* Cross-training focuses on improving performance of the systems involved used in an athlete's primary sport!

Monday Motivation

Try using an apple box with your pushups to get a more intense workout that helps adjust your ankles as well as your overall form!

Sunday Funday

Stretching doesn't always have to be boring! Try working in some other positions, like the reverse fly, to mix things up and keep them interesting.

Tuesday Tips

The consistency and quality of the motion is more important than the amount of weight you're moving.

Instagram: Monday

Dynamic Balance's studio includes a variety of weights for strength training and conditioning.