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We are an online therapeutic trainer clinic based out of San Francisco specializing in posture. We will help you look better & eliminate posture related pain. Free group classes available.

The Method

How Do We Fix Posture?

We use many techniques and have created our own process that is unique in the industry. This consists of strength training, stretching, and building body awareness. Most people think posture is only about strength and mobility. While those are key elements of posture It is also about training body awareness. Our bodies naturally engages muscles to keep the body upright. However, we lose awareness of these muscles through years of domesticated life.

At Dynamic Balance we will teach you exercises that repair the elements that contribute to bad posture. The exercises we recommend are different depending on your goals but will begin with addressing pelvic tilt, forward head posture, and rounded shoulders/back.

Step by step

How a Consultation & Evaluation Works



Get a free first consultation

Tell us about your condition, goals, and concerns. Based on that information we will discuss with you the routes to better posture that fit your situation. During this initial session we will also show you some basic exercises that you can do to start improving your posture right away. 



Learn foundational exercises

Poor posture can be the result of muscle weakness, muscle tightness, neurological maladaptations, inflexibility, & chronic tension. Based on your situation you will be given exercises that you can do throughout the week to treat the underlying reason for your poor posture. These exercises will eventually become a part of your final program 



Get your individualized program

It usually takes about 3 sessions to develop a complete custom tailored posture program. Once this is done you can continue doing this program for 1-3 months on your own.

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Most People See Dramatic Results in 3 Months


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Free Group Classes

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Receive a Recording of Every Session

All your recordings will be stored in your own personal “locker” which you can access at anytime.

The man in this video is a software engineer suffering from pelvic tilt, forward head posture, and rounded shoulders. Your session may be similar or significantly different depending on your goals.

Get Access to Supplemental Video Material

After every session you will receive a list of exercises covered with supplemental video material and additional information.

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We have groups classes every week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays.

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