One goal of Dynamic Balance is to promote lifelong physical health. We refer to this concept as physical hygiene. Just as good oral hygiene promotes dental health and longevity, good physical hygiene prevents the development of maladaptations. It maintains postural and kinetic accuracy and minimizes the wear and tear of aberrant kinetic patterns.

In our society, everyone develops maladaptive patterns.

Office workers, dentists, hairdressers, construction workers, musicians, the physically challenged, and athletes of all kinds – each have specific maladaptive patterns (coincidentally they also have associated pain syndromes and injuries).These patterns arise from excessive and inaccurate repetitive movements: lifting, reaching, typing, sitting… You can probably identify some of your own right now. These patterns lead to chronic pain and injury.

DSC02905The tool we use to eliminate maladaptations is the Manual Therapy Triad. The three elements of the triad are foundation strength training, intensive stretching, and hands-on tissue manipulation.


At Dynamic Balance, we develop individualized programs for each person to help overcome maladaptive patterns and maintain a healthy and pain-free body. Each unique regimen takes into account your lifestyle, personality, and history of injury, disability, or chronic pain. With your commitment to a tailored program, you can learn and maintain good physical hygiene.

We want to help you overcome the barriers of physical pain and disability and the emotional distress that accompanies limited function; the goal is to restructure tissue damage and correct static and dynamic posture.

With our help, you will:

  • Discover your body’s regenerative abilities
  • Initiate a physical healing system to improve function and well-being
  • Regain mobility
  • Manage or eliminate pain

You are the most important contributor to your program. Whatever your personal goal – recovery, performance, fitness – your rewards will be proportional to your commitment.

With your commitment and partnership with Dynamic Balance, minor conditions typically require two to eight weeks to resolve. Long-hardened or more severe cases may take 18 months and require on-going maintenance, but most damage can be corrected, at least to some degree.