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We believe that, with our help, you can optimize your body’s capacity for restoration by eliminating maladaptive patterns that cause chronic pain.

Whether you are suffering from minor injury or serious trauma, your body has the ability to heal itself. This natural process can be guided and fostered through strength training, intensive stretching and tissue manipulation. We call this approach Therapeutic Physical Care. We believe that understanding the symbiotic relationship between the physical body and the mind is crucial. We call this, Psychephysical.

Our approach is tailored to all physical needs and every unique goal. This is the foundation Upright Kinetics and GroundUp Therapeutics has always been built on.

A goal of Dynamic Balance is to promote life-long physical health. We refer to this concept as physical hygiene. Just as good oral hygiene promotes dental health and longevity, good physical hygiene prevents the development of maladaptation’s. For example, we can work on maintaining postural and kinetic accuracy to minimizes the wear and tear of aberrant kinetic patterns. 

Resolution at the source

In our society, everyone develops maladaptive patterns whether they be office workers, dentists, hairdressers, construction workers, musicians, the physically challenged or athletes of any variety. Each have specific, maladaptive patterns as well we associated pain syndromes and injuries. These patterns arise from excessive, inaccurate and repetitive movements. You can probably identify some of your own bad repetitive motions right now. These patterns can lead to chronic pain and injury.

We use the Manual Therapy Triad to eliminate maladaptations. The three elements of the triad are foundation strength training, intensive stretching, and hands-on tissue manipulation.

At Dynamic Balance, we believe in developing trainers who recognize uniqueness and individualism in their clients. These trainers will create individualized programs to help each person overcome maladaptive patterns and maintain a healthy, pain-free body. Each unique regimen will take into account your lifestyle, personality and history. DB trainers aim to show you the same level of commitment you bring to your tailored program. We are devoted to teaching you how to maintain good physical hygiene.
DB trainers want to help you overcome the barriers of physical pain and disability, as well as the emotional distress that accompanies limited function. The goal is to restructure tissue damage while also correcting static and dynamic posture. With our help, you will: discover your body’s regenerative abilities, initiate a physical healing system to improve function, improve your well-being, regain mobility, and manage or eliminate pain.


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You are the key

A trainer that is committed and willing to transcend self is a critical contributor to any program.

At Dynamic Balance, we recruit and train people already achieving and growing in their physical careers. This includes anyone from  physical therapists, Pilates instructors, massage therapists, or even personal trainers. We aim to highlight that, with a mere shift in perspective and intention, the skills they already possess can be used to rebuild lives.

Whatever your personal goal – recovery, performance, fitness – your rewards will be proportional to your commitment.
With your commitment and partnership, we will show you how most damage can be corrected.

For years Mark St. Peter had no descriptive term for the work he did. After much exploration, he coined the term Psychephysical training to describe a small but evolving community within the healing arts.

Psychephysical pertains to the interrelation of mind, soul and spirit. It takes into account the influence of intention on the chemical, electrical and biological functions of our physical body. The commonality shared by all Psychephysical practitioners is that we combine physical movement, hands-on work and we tend to the conscious and subconscious needs of those seeking our help.

Psychephysical and Therapeutic Physical Care are the central dogma of Dynamic Balance.

Our credo

According to the American Pain Foundation, more than 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Common causes include back pain and joint pain. Anyone who has suffered from chronic pain knows that it can affect their ability to work, socialize and participate in activities of daily life. Many people with chronic pain have been told that it is untreatable or that pain medications are the only therapeutic option. Dynamic Balance trainers help chronic pain sufferers by evaluating the underlying causes of the pain and designing a program to support the the individual.

Dynamic Balance trainers also specialize in helping individuals who have suffered injury, serious trauma or debilitating, physical degeneration. Mark St. Peter understands trauma recovery first-hand. During his own recovery from serious trauma, he developed many approaches to recovery that inform what Dynamic Balance is today.