Old Habits Die Hard

bill_weights2Therapeutic Physical Care is an evolution in physical training and therapeutics that emphasizes control and awareness of core movement precision rather than on core capacity. It is a system to re-excite the conscious cortical motor pathways to assert and master control over micro-fine skeletal muscles usually dominated by sub-cortical brain structures. This process has the capacity via conscious purposeful repetition to restore the Primal Reflexive patterns to at least some degree in most subjects.

Abdomen9---HipFlexorsPiriformisBeyond simple core strength, TPC fosters core accuracy – and should be developed before ‘traditional’ fitness training begins. It should be addressed much like a martial art with a focus on mastery. It should be the foundation that fitness and athletic training is built on. More importantly, you need to know it is a process that requires you to un-learn old physical habits and movement patterns to build a new, more effective exercise regime.

TPC is strength training for muscles that usually run on autopilot, and it requires commitment to conscientious, meticulous repetition and practice, but the benefits will show in everything you do.

Learn more about building your own core accuracy with the Foundation Five.

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