Every Wednesday 6pm PST 

Join Tiffany every Wednesday & Friday for a powerful weekly group class that improves posture, neck, back, & shoulder pain.


The Class

Join our group class and take the first step to fixing your posture, looking better, and eliminating aches & pains.

Whether it’s from a sport’s injury or constantly sitting in front of a computer screen, we have seen it all. We can get you back to good alignment and enjoying daily activities again. The goal of our class is to better your spine with movements you can complete anywhere. Come join our class & let Tiffany equip you with the tools, exercises, & knowledge to fix your posture . Everyone’s pain and goals for recovery are different and thus we work with you over a live zoom class to help every situation.

What can I expect?
Together we will do gentle movements to alleviate neck, shoulder, & back pain and improve posture. You can expect a friendly environment of people who are all working together to fix their postural related issues. No matter your age or background you will find a welcoming judgement free environment in our class.
How much does it cost?
This class is free until the end of COVID.
Who is this class for?
The class is for people of all ages who want to improve their posture or fix posture related issues such as back, shoulder, and neck pain. Attending the class will help anyone who has forward head posture, rounded shoulders, a hunched over back, upper cross syndrome, and/or anterior/posterior pelvic tilt.
How do I join?
The class is hosted online via Zoom. Just click the link at the top of the page on Wednesdays at 6pm PST or Fridays at 1pm PST.
What is kinetic hygiene?
It is the practice of intentionally maintaining musculoskeletal posture and movement patterns that promote lifelong physical health.

Think of it like brushing and flossing your teeth but for your muscles and bones. It keeps your bio-mechanics clean and functional in order to relieve and/or avoid unnecessary wear and tear in your joints, ligaments, tendons and tissues.