Let’s talk about healing. Therapeutic Physical Care (TPC) approaches healing by combining the psyche and the physical to overcome and eliminate pain. TPC focuses on correcting habitual irregular body movements and postures (maladaptations) that cause excessive wear and inhibit the symmetrical flow of force and energy through the body.


TPC’s philosophy and methodology can be found between the layers of medical physical therapy and traditional fitness training. TPC is functionally focused, combining active and passive kinetic strategies, assisted joint mobilization and tissue manipulation. The most important difference in TPC and the medical model is that TPC approaches each individual, keeping in mind as a universal rule: “The impossible is often possible… work for it.”

Dynamic Balance addresses correction of malfunction before all else: find the weakness, fix it, find the next weakness, repeat… until the client finds their own acceptable level of function. TPC is a healing strategy that works even in extreme cases. Does it help everyone? No. But most everyone usually receives at least some relief from issues, some it “cures,” others it works well for, but they need maintenance. But for many years, Dynamic Balance has helped many people overcome injury and pain to start living more fully.

One distinguishing feature is that DB looks at process in a unique way, with repetitive cycles of 90 days broken into 30 day treatment windows. It honors the truth that our tissues are being made anew everyday and guidance of this process over multiple cycles may be necessary for hardened (or very weakened) individuals. As long as a person is involved in our process, we will continue to apply the triad until a person chooses to stop. There are no limits on number of sessions. No prescription needed. We are offering the basic starter exercise and stretching information not only because it is the right thing to do, but also to get people on-page and give them an opportunity to experiment comfortably and safely at home and then engage in the conversation online as they see fit.

You can now begin this journey from wherever you are at the time of your own choosing with the F5 worksheets, videos and support forums. The Foundation Five could be your new beginning.

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