Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dynamic Balance?

Dynamic Balance is a company with a particular approach and philosophy of physical training and therapeutics, which we refer to as Therapeutic Physical Care. TPC considers both the physical body and the psyche to create a psychephysical approach. Our goal is to overcome and eliminate psychephysical maladaptations within the body for relief from pain, greater comfort, athletic improvement, or a combination of these goals.

What is the Foundation Five?

The Foundation Five consists of five active movement patterns that depending on ones ability, including a variety of “exercises.” These vary slightly from individual to individual, but constitute the essential starting point of the Dynamic Balance approach to physical training. These five key exercises: Crunch, Pelvic Tilt, Knee Rock Back, Side Double Leg Raise, and Plank focus on foundation strength, neutralizing movement flaws, promoting postural correction.

What is the Dynamic Dozen?

The Dynamic Dozen consists first of the Foundation Five, the essential starting point of Mark St. Peter’s approach to physical training. Seven complimentary exercises to the F5 create the D12, a complete, elemental fitness program that is effective for those who struggle with pain, athletes, and those in between.

What is the Manual Therapy Triad?

The Manual Therapy Triad is a conceptual tool to frame therapeutic physical care, consisting of strength training, stretching, and hands-on tissue manipulation. The triad is a term that recognizes a synergy between these three elements of direct care that combine to greater benefit than any element alone.

What is kinetic hygiene?

Kinetic hygiene refers to the maintenance of musculoskeletal posture and movement patterns that promote lifelong physical health, maintaining postural and kinetic accuracy and preventing the development of maladaptation.

What is physical hygiene?

Physical hygiene is a general category of which many subsets of hygiene fit: dental hygiene, kinetic hygiene, personal hygiene, etc.

How does Dynamic Balance compare to physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a method of acute traumatic post-care, delivered by prescription and focused on the required activities of daily living and no more. Dynamic Balance is long-run treatment designed to help individuals attain a higher quality of life.

What kind of massage do you do?

If you are a person who likes the feel-good experience of traditional massage… this is not massage. Massage is concerned for your present experience; it often has spiritual intentions and is about promoting “relaxation.” The body work at Dynamic Balance is more functional. You will be shown your threshold very quickly and most of the work will be pushing against those limits. Sometimes the healing process requires hands-on, intensive, targeted body work. Tissue manipulation helps to break apart the scar tissue and fibrous adhesions that accumulate in the soft tissues of the body following injury or resulting from chronic tension related to long-held postural maladaptations. As these adhesions are mechanically broken apart, the soft tissues – such as muscles and tendons – can be restructured and realigned through attention to posture and corrective exercise.

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