Therapeutic Physical Care

A common conception of “core” training is that it should consist of rapid, dynamic movements. The muscles generally considered “core” are trunk muscles. At Dynamic Balance, we believe that one must first, in a controlled manner, employ relatively subtle movements that allow you to develop a deep kinetic re-learning to correct unconscious aberrant patterns. Foundation training also focuses on the deep muscles that control joint position and posture.

Admittedly, most of us hold a traditional concept of fitness: the hard-body version. We all want to sport a six-pack, show some bicep, and look buff in a tank top. The truth is that the Foundation Five are primarily concerned with postural accuracy and control. Once this is achieved we can then address muscle mass, wash-board abs, or maximal athletic performance.

The ultimate goal of the Foundation exercises is maintaining the functional accuracy of your core, and creating a “cleanliness” of movement. The Foundation exercises help eliminate bad posture and improve physical hygiene.

But don’t worry: this work will also result in improved bodily aesthetics and athletic performance. More importantly, though, it will empower you with a deeper, more intimate knowledge of your body movements. Whether you face daily household chores or participate in professional sports, training with the Foundation Five can help eliminate pain and protect against future injuries.

The Foundation Five only scratch the surface of what you can achieve. The foundation series represents a family of five progressively more challenging and rewarding exercise lineages that incorporate upper and lower body strength and accuracy of movement. Exercise programs based on these foundation lineages can be customized for your fitness level and goals.

Maintaining and correcting control of our foundation strength has enormous hygienic benefit. You don’t need to understand the details right away; you will learn what you need as you go. Don’t be intimidated. The entry level user need not even know there is a system; the details are relevant only to advanced users and professionals.

The F5 exercises serve well as the underpinnings of any training program whether you are learning to walk all over again, healing your back, or looking for an edge on the competition.

This is when you need a therapeutic specialist to help.

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