Therapeutic Physical Care

tpcDynamic Balance provides Therapeutic Physical Care (TPC). TPC is a combination of physical training and therapeutics. It emphasizes control and awareness of core movements. Instead of raw core strength, TPC fosters core accuracy by requiring accurate function as a base measurement before fitness training begins. It demands a committed, collaborative approach by both your Dynamic Balance therapeutic care specialist and you. The goal of TPC is to overcome and eliminate bad habits to correct dysfunctions within the body.

Practically, TPC involves both dynamic tissue and dynamic reflex restructuring. These are accomplished through the Manual Therapy Triad, which consists of:

1. Foundation strength training

The Foundation Five consists of the five active movements that are the core of Dynamic Balance’s approach to physical training. These five basic exercises – Crunch, Pelvic Tilt, Knee Rock Back, Side Double Leg Raise, and Plank – focus on postural correction, core strength, and foundation strength. It is the strength that maintains the integrity of the body’s structural foundation against distorting forces.

2. Intensive stretching

The second element in the Manual Therapy Triad is intensive stretching. Our approach pays a great deal of attention to restoring the elasticity of muscle and joint tissues through targeted stretching.

3. Hands-on tissue manipulation

The third element of the Manual Therapy Triad is tissue manipulation. This process requires hands-on, intensive, targeted bodywork. Tissue manipulation helps to break apart the scar tissue and fibrous adhesions that accumulate in the body’s soft tissues following injury or postural maladaptation. As these adhesions are mechanically broken apart, the soft tissues – such as muscles and tendons – can be restructured and realigned through attention to posture and corrective exercise.

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