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For over 30 years, founder Mark St. Peter has been helping treatment-resistant individuals overcome chronic pain and transcend trauma. His work aims to optimize well-being and performance. His skills include movement therapy, bodywork, and hard-won techniques learned from dealing with his own personal trauma.   “I work to help injured and […]

Saturday Stretch

For 2020 we are creating an online portal where people from around the world can tune in and observe as we help people overcome chronic pain and transcend trauma. We hope you will join us in democratizing therapeutic knowledge.  . . Interested? Drop us a line below or direct message […]

Thoughtful Thursday

When you stretch there are typically 3 different lines of thought: the stretch itself keeping track of time wherever the mind may wander Why not eliminate #2 and leave more headspace for #1 and #3?

Thoughtful Thursday

Bodywork is integral to the #DBmethod used to relieve tension and more importantly, to help break apart the scar tissue and fibrous adhesions that accumulate in the soft tissues of the body following an injury or postural maladaptations. . .