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You are Your Own Best Advocate.

With a membership to Dynamic Balance, you will have unlimited access to our video library and written resources. This membership will allow you to go beyond the traditional one-hour therapy session. It will enable you to do your own research and create your own treatment program. Our specialists will always be available to you, but in the end, you are your own best advocate and should be in the driver’s seat of your rehabilitation journey. Take control of your pain today and grow towards a better tomorrow.

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At Dynamic Balance, we believe that successful rehabilitation goes beyond learning the motions and exercises. It includes education and understanding what has happened to your body because of your injury. Within our membership, you will have our 30+ years of expertise at your fingertips. One of our specialists will always be available to answer any questions you may have related to kinetic hygiene. There are no stupid questions at Dynamic Balance. Arm yourself with the information you need to beat your injuries.

Ask a provider any question on pain or posture.

Get your questions answered by providers with over 30 years of experience fixing chronic pain & posture. Your questions will ALWAYS be answered.

Get access to a exercise video library & written resources.

Create your own program with our knowledge center & video library. Our videos will break down pain fixing exercises step by step. While our knowledge center will provide you with the knowledge necessary to prevent & fix chronic pain/poor posture.

Receive 20% off private services or 55% off with our healing club.

Many people think that 1-on-1 care with a therapist is unaffordable for those without insurance. With our membership program we make treatment affordable.

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We want to hear your story. We will take the time to listen, and guide you in the right direction based on your injuries, lifestyle, and recovery goals. Learn more about your philosophies and values, and confirm that a membership with Dynamic Balance is the right choice for you.

We Lead The Field in Fixing Posture & Pain.

We Pioneer Techniques Using the Latest Science. These methods were once limited to the super rich at our home base in San Francisco, but we are proud to finally be able to share our methods to everyone.

Chronic pain, both physical and emotional, should not be the norm. Let the experts at Dynamic Balance use evidence-based practice to address your issues through movement, exercise, education, and advice. No injury is too big or too small for our team. With over 30 years of experience, Dynamic Balance has worked with survivors from motor vehicle accident to chronic muscle overuse and everything in between. Don’t be a silent sufferer. There is hope.

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