About Us


At Dynamic Balance we alleviate pain and improve physical function. In our San Francisco studio, we work one-on-one with people that have exhausted other options. Through our online presence, we hope to spread a deeper understanding of the body’s regenerative capacity, and share methods to manage pain and increase longevity.

For over 30 years, founder Mark St. Peter has been helping treatment-resistant individuals overcome chronic pain and transcend trauma. His work aims to optimize well-being and performance. His skills include movement therapy, bodywork, and hard-won techniques learned from dealing with his own personal trauma.

“I work to help injured and physically challenged people heal, renew, and discover higher capacity,” says St. Peter. “The essence of my work is to restructure tissue damage, correct posture, and discover and eliminate the root causes of dysfunction, thereby preventing the future onset of symptoms.” 

Our approach can be tailored to all physical needs and goals. The same processes that help with healing can help a healthy person stay strong. Whether you are enduring a repetitive stress injury, suffering from a major trauma, or simply want to improve your fitness level, we can help you gain function and improve performance.


35a Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118