A Perfect Crunch is About More Than Just Your Abs!

DSC02905How many of you have strained your neck doing crunches, or use some form of support to avoid neck pain? How many of you do them in rapid succession with feet anchored? Did you know that crunches evolved from sit-ups as a solution to ease the strain on the back? Did you know that almost anyone doing crunches has some flaw in biomechanics?

Think of all the millions of dollars that are spent on assistive devices for abdominal strength that are essentially to support the neck. The entire industry neglects the fact that there is a fundamental flaw in the strength of the kinetic chain of the neck itself. It is a fundamental flaw that causes millions of people pain every year.

The muscles generally considered “core,” are those of the trunk (torso). Most commonly practiced “core” training consists of rapid, high thrust movements. The DB program is built upon a very slow nine second repetition; you don’t do this forever, but as part of an extended learning phase.

Abdomen9---HipFlexorsPiriformisTherapeutic Physical Care (TPC) and foundation strength training think beyond the core. Foundation thinking includes all trunk muscles along with the deep muscles that control joint position and their posture and stability, from toes to fingertips as the situation warrants. Whether you are a trained athlete, suffer from a debilitating or chronic health issue, or are just interested in reaching and maintaining optimum health, mastering the Foundation Five (F5) will empower you with a deeper awareness of your body. By constant repetitive use of these relatively subtle movements in a slow, controlled manner, you will be able to correct unconscious aberrant movement patterns through deep kinetic re-learning.

The F5 is primarily concerned with postural accuracy and control that underpins raw strength and power.

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